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Mothers Love

A mother and son lived in small village. Mother worked very hard to fulfil her son’s desire, but he looked with disdain towards his mother; she had only one eye and she looked very ugly. Son never allows her mother to come in the school. One day there was program and his mother was invited in the school, after seeing his mother in the school he deliberately hid his face he looked with anger and ran from the school. He shouted on her, why did you come in the school? How can I go tomorrow in the school? My friends will laugh at me because of you, she didn’t reply, son decided to study hard and leave the village, settle in the city, he did the same. He achieved degree from renowned university then he got married with pretty girl he had two children one girl and a boy, now his family has complete except his ugly mother.
Many days passed he almost stopped thinking about his mother. One day with help of his son’s friend she came to his house, ranged the door bell, her granddaughter opens the door, she was so frightened seeing grandmother’s ugly face, and ran inside the house, son was so shocked after seeing his mother and asked who are you? Why did you come here?  Mother deliberately said,” oh, I’m sorry, I came to the wrong address, and his house. “Oh! thank god she didn’t recognised me” son said, After many days son received a letter from his school he was invited for “Meeting of former successful student” to share their experience with school children's, so that they can learn something from them, though he had decided not to go in the village, but after thinking a lot he decided to go the school.
Next day, he went to the village; and after the meet his steps automatically drew towards his house but it was locked, one old lady was setting there; she recognised him and handed over a letter. The letter said, I Lived enough I will never come again, I wish that you will someday come to see me, I know you have been invited in the school for meeting, but I had decided that I will not come there, because you didn’t like my ugly day you had asked me about my one eye, I didn’t tell anything to you because you were very small to understand it, now I will tell you the reason

When you were small, you met with an accident and lost your one eye, how will you live your whole life with one eye, and it was disturbed me, so I decided to donate my one eye to you. I am proud of you for being very successful person with happy family, I am not angry for your behaviour; I know that you love me,” after reading this letter son faint on the ground cried loudly and remember her mother who donates her eye, lived her entire life with one eye and I behave mercilessly with her. Son regrets what he did and started calling for mother, but there was no use of shouting. His mother was not there to listen.


  1. V nice..touchy... hope to c u writing many more stories like this .. best of luck😊


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