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This is the story of Lord Krishna, draupadi & Subhadra, sister of Lord Krishna. One day Lord Krishna was sitting & doing Meditation in Dwarka at that time Narad muni came by chanting Na…ra yan Na...ra yan and sat in front of Lord Krishna after few minutes Lord Krishna opened his eyes & Saw narad Muni is sitting in front of him.  He said, “Sorry devrishi narad you had to wait long time for me”. “No my Lord its okay” said narad. Lord Krishna knew why devrishi narad muni had come here; still Lord Krishna asked the reason. Narad said, “no my lord, but there is a question I want to ask you”. “Tell me devrishi I will try to give answer of your question”. “My lord that is instead of Caring for subhadra; your real sister you care more for draupadi.why this difference between two sisters, Lord Shri Krishna said I did not make any difference between my sisters but it is right that you said I take extra care of my sister draupadi because she is very loving, Caring & remembers m