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Ekadshi Vratham

Ekadashi vratham Ekadashi Comes twice in the month, on ekadashi days this fasting is in general for everyone, ekadashi is 11 th day in the moon cycle, from New moon day and also full moon day. It is proven scientific reason for fast of ekadashi that the air pressure in the atmosphere rapidly changes in the surrounding’s on the full moon day or new moon day. One can observe this from increasing high tidal waves in the ocean, on any new moon day or amavasya, the Pressure increases in the ocean and tidal waves are very tough and high. But immediate from next day  on wards , improving atmospheric pressure to reduce. So on 11 th day from new moon or full moon day the atmospheric Pressure is somewhat very light or nil. If one has to go empty stomach on any other day except ekadashi the atmospheric pressure will put more strain, but on ekadashi day the problem is minor or nil, the body never takes pain and help for refreshing the whole body mechanism like liver/stomach etc.